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Diet in Hinduism is traditionally governed by the rules laid out in the Dharmaśāstras, a genre of Sanskrit texts pertaining to Hindu religious and legal duty.
Food Restrictions
Jewish dietary laws are known as Kashrut, and are among the most complex of all religious ... It would be best to inquire as to what if any restrictions they have.
Hindu Dietary Restrictions? - Ask.com
Most Hindus follow vegetarian diets, believing that meat causes ignorance. Although some Hindus may ... What is the best dietary restriction plan to lose fat?
Hinduism - Faith and Food - the way to your heart
Although some Hindus may occasionally eat meat, almost all avoid beef. In addition, strict ... What are the main laws or beliefs relating to food? According to  ...
What Should I Serve a Hindu Guest Who Adheres to Dietary ...
Mar 25, 2014 ... It's best to ask your Hindu guest about his or her individual dietary restrictions, but to be on the safe side, you can serve a...
Clarified: Religious dietary restrictions – Eatocracy - CNN.com Blogs
Jul 20, 2010 ... We're delving into the dietary restrictions of twelve religions in the hopes of ... Off the menu: Meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all Fridays in Lent ... Also: …
What are the Hindu dietary restrictions? - Yahoo
What are the Hindu dietary restrictions? Follow ... Best Answer Asker's Choice . some ager answered 6 years ago; I'm from a Hindu family.
Hindu Dietary Practices: Feeding the , Mind and Soul | Minority ...
Our series on culturally competent dietary essments continues with a look at the ... The proper balance of these elements indicates good health, while an ... eat only once, eat only…
What do Hindus Eat? - Squidoo
These are the most common different degrees of Hindu diet I see. The vast majority of Hindu vegetarians eat milk products. I have yet to meet a vegan Hindu.
Religious dietary guidelines and restrictions – religious diets - Chewfo
This extremely complex set of guidelines includes restrictions on how meat is ... A lactovegetarian diet is followed by many Hindus – no meat, poultry or fish, no eggs, but milk products…
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